This Summer Silverbrook Farm is excited to offer the Community Supported Agriculture Program. Our Spring CSA (Dartmouth pick-up only) will run for 8 weeks starting on April 6th. The Summer CSA will run from the June 15th until October 26th. We offer a Full Share which is portioned for the entire family and a Half Share which is best for couples or friends. The Full Share and sometimes the Half Share will not only contain sustainably locally grown vegetables, fruits, jams and farm fresh eggs but also marmalades, mustards and cheeses.

Questions about CSA (Community Sustainable Agriculture)

What is the difference between a standard share and a pick your own?

Standard: Each week you will receive a share with a selection of seasonal farm goods that are organized by Silverbrook Farm. Each week will be $20 (half-share) or $40 (full-share) worth of goods.
Pick Your Own: Once a week you log onto your Farmigo account and select goods from the online store that will automatically remove the cost from your total. You have until noon the day before your pickup to make your selections. There are no reimbursements for account credits not used by the end of the season. We also offer a 1/4 share for pick your own during the Summer.

What happens if I can’t pick up my CSA share?

Anyone can pick up your share, they just need to give your name.  A great deal of work and planning goes into preparing for pick up day, so we cannot let you pick up on a different day or time, nor can you pick up at one of the farmers markets we attend.  You might also consider letting a charity pick up your share in your absence.

May I get more than my share?

Yes you may.  We usually have enough to sell you extra items.  We will also have our own jams, jellies and honey for sale and occasionally may have some produce items that are not included in the share for sale.

May I split a share with someone?

Yes.  However, for our record keeping purposes the share will only be listed under one persons name, so we ask that only one of you sign up, or we will think that we have sold 2 shares.  We will not split the share for you. One person will have to pick up the share and you will have to split it between yourselves.

When does the CSA start and end?

The 2016 Spring CSA (Dartmouth pick-up only) will run for 8 weeks starting on April 6th, 2016.

The 2016 Summer CSA begins the week of June 15th and ends the week of October 26th.

The 2016 Fall CSA begins November 9th and ends the week of December 14th.

Have more questions?

If you have questions/concerns about your CSA / how to sign up for a CSA please contact David Sanders or Andrew Thornhill.