Silverbrook Farm is excited to offer a Community Supported Agriculture program during the Spring and Summer seasons of 2017. Our local Spring CSA will run for 7 weeks starting on March 15th and will have pick-up locations in Brookline, Cambridge, and Dartmouth, MA. The Summer CSA will run for 15 weeks, starting the week of June 12th and run through the end of September 2017. This will provide 16 weeks of local produce for Dartmouth residents and 15 weeks to Cape Cod and Boston (one less week due to Independence Day).

 We offer a Full Share which is portioned for the entire family and a Half Share which is best for couples or friends. The Full Share and sometimes the Half Share will not only contain sustainably locally grown vegetables, fruits, jams and farm fresh eggs but also marmalades, mustards and local cheeses. A Full-share is $30/week and a Half-share is $15/week.


Questions about CSA (Community Sustainable Agriculture)

Where and when can I pick up my Spring CSA?

You can pick up your CSA locally in Dartmouth, MA at Silverbrook Farm located at 592 Chase Road. Pick-ups are scheduled weekly on Wednesdays from March 15th - April 26th, 2017.

We will be offering Spring CSA shares to our customers at the Brookline Winter Farmers' Market and the Cambridge Winter Farmers' Market.

BROOKLINE: Pick-up weekly on Sundays from 11am-3pm at the Coolidge Corner Arcade. This CSA program will run for 7 weeks, March 12th - April 30th (excludes pick-up on Easter Sunday).

CAMBRIDGE: Pick-up weekly on Saturdays from 10-2 at the Cambridge Community Center. This CSA program will run for 6 weeks, March 11th - April 15th.

Where and when can I pick up my Summer CSA?

You can pick up your Summer CSA locally in Dartmouth, MA at Silverbrook Farm located at 592 Chase Road between 1-6pm. Pick-ups are scheduled weekly on Wednesdays from June 14th - September 27th, 2017 (16 weeks total).

We will have Tuesday drop-offs throughout Boston at the following company locations:

Vertex- 50 northern Ave Boston, MA (10am-10:45am)
Novartis- 22 Windsor St. Cambridge, Ma (11:15pm-11:45pm)
Takeda- 99 Blanche St. Cambridge, Ma (12pm-12:30pm)
Computershare- 250 Royall St. Canton (1pm-1:45pm)

We will have Tuesday drop-offs on Cape Cod at the following locations:
Falmouth Hospital- 100 ter Huen Dr. Falmouth, Ma
Communication Way- 25 Communication Way Hyannis, MA
Cape Cod Hospital- 27 Park St. Hyannis MA



What happens if I can’t pick up my CSA share?

Anyone can pick up your share, they just need to give your name.  A great deal of work and planning goes into preparing for pick up day, so we cannot let you pick up on a different day or time.  You might also consider letting a charity pick up your share in your absence.

What happened to the Pick Your Own Share?

Even though we aren't offering a pre-sale option this year every share is a PICK YOUR OWN! You can swap items from what is available with the CSA driver/ pick up location. 

May I get more than my share?

Yes you may.  We usually have enough to sell you extra items.  We will also have our own jams, jellies and honey for sale and occasionally may have some produce items that are not included in the share for sale.

May I split a share with someone?

Yes.  However, for our record keeping purposes the share will only be listed under one persons name, so we ask that only one of you sign up, or we will think that we have sold 2 shares.  We will not split the share for you. One person will have to pick up the share and you will have to split it between yourselves.

What can I expect in my CSA?

The contents of your CSA vary depending on what crops are prevalent and in season. Here is an example of one of our weekly CSA Guides from Summer 2016.

What if I want to support the farm but I do not want to buy a CSA?

That's a fantastic question! You can always make a donation to the farm HERE. We will forever appreciate your generosity!

Have more questions?

If you have questions/concerns about your CSA / how to sign up for a CSA please contact David Sanders or Andrew Thornhill.